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Information: A1 Signs and Banners also provides custom banners and matte finish banners. Matte banners are ideal for brighter setting. Their softer, flatter finish does not glare in direct sunlight or under bright lighting. The matte finish makes it easier to read for outdoor events and anytime you want your message clear and free of glare. The demand is escalating gradually, and recently most of the projects we are doing are matte banners because there is no glare. This is a no glare feature which is very helpful for sign frames and lot signs used in parking lots. We are well known for manufacturing good quality feathered flags as well.

All of our banners are produced in true digital color. We offer one weight size, a durable reinforced outdoor scrim vinyl. This way, you will get a heavy-duty product that will sustain tough weather conditions for years. Of course, they look great inside as well. Banners may be printed vertically or horizontally according to your need and requirement.

We use many materials for banners, but vinyl is our favorite. The flexibility of a vinyl banner makes it a great medium for both households and businesses. It is best used in applications that benefit from its noticeably huge size. Now, with the best and latest technology for digital printing, we can provide our customers with outstanding prices, without sacrificed quality. Digital printing also allows for the most intricate of designs, enabling us to produce some of the most creative products around. We also have a plotter for vinyl cut lettering and signage.

We provide our banner and sign services in Fresno, Clovis, Visalia, Sanger, Madera and other nearby places as well. While we work to keep our pricing current for your convenience, our suppliers and manufacturers frequently change their pricing without notice when there is a fluctuation in their market. Whether you need help ordering your signs or have questions about pricing, we can show you the way. Just give us a call! Learn More

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